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Nvidia Introduces GeForce Now Video Game Streaming Service

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Undoubtedly, one of the ads that caught the attention of gamers during the conference of Nvida at CES 2017 was the announcement of GeForce Now, gaming platform in the cloud that allows playing any title that requires graphics that are not normally available on all PCs, even on Mac. Yes, you read well, Mac.

The service will require the download of a small client and will allow access to services like Steam, Uplay, Origin, among others, to make a streaming to your PC or Mac with low latency, regardless of the configuration of your machine. As an example, during the demonstration they executed Steam through this service, and it took less than a minute to begin; and if that was not enough, all patches will be installed automatically.

Are you interested? Let us tell you that GeForce Now will be available in Early Access format in March, priced at $25 USD for 20 hours of basic game play. There will be different levels of performance, although you should keep in mind that the higher the performance range you provide, you will have fewer hours of play for $25 USD.

According to Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, GeForce Now represents “incredible value” for those who do not have the resources for a high-end PC, or for the users who do not want to mess up and just want to hang out.

“There are now one billion PC users with systems that are not ready for games,” said Hsun Huang, letting you see what the target of this service is. “These are Macs or small systems that have integrated graphics without the ability to install discrete GPUs to make visuals come to life.”

By the way, during this event they also revealed a new gameplay of Mass Effect: Andromeda running on PC with a GTX 1080 graphics card.