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Nvidia GeForce 358.50 WHQL game-ready driver for Star Wars Battlefront Open Beta download available now

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It is from today at 1PM ET that will set the start of the open beta of Star Wars Battlefront for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The opportunity is now for Nvidia to unsheathe its last optimized graphics drivers. Nvidia knows that Star Wars Battlefront is eagerly awaited by the players, and as a result, the firm developed its new drivers by deploying Version 358.50 WHQL.

Star Wars Battlefront Screenshot
Star Wars Battlefront Screenshot

The new drivers can be recovered directly in the Drivers portion of the GeForce Experience application, or directly to the manufacturer’s website via this address.

Nvidia states that the update is resolutely oriented towards the title. However, the firm also said that only a GTX 970 would allow players to enjoy the game in 60 fps in Full HD 1080p with the details located on “average” in the “Walker assault” on 40 players. To take advantage of the most advanced details, it will be directed towards the most expensive, but also more powerful graphics card such as GTX 980 or 980Ti.

Suffice to say that many players with old graphics card and least powerful will make sacrifices on the display quality to play under in good conditions.

The beta of Star Wars Battlefront will open its doors from 1PM ET today and is expected to continue until 12 October. It is possible to pre-load the content (10 GB) via Origin.