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Nvidia Announces RTX Laptops Offering “Twice the Performance of a PS4 Pro”

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In CES 2019, Nvidia presented some of the practical purposes that its technology will have in gaming. One of them will be the manufacture of new RTX laptops that promise to offer a good experience to gamers. There will even be some that, they say, will be more powerful than a PlayStation 4 Pro. There will be 17 models of laptops with the Max-Q design.

On stage, Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, showed the MSI GS65 Stealth. It is a laptop that offers twice the power of the PlayStation 4, but at a third of the size. In addition, they assure that it is faster than a desktop computer equipped with a GTX 1080 and that will allow you to play titles like Battlefield V at 60 fps with ray tracing on. The above will be possible because it is equipped with a GTX 2080 and an i7-8750H processor. At the moment it is unknown what will be its price.

“I think we have redefined portable gaming. It has twice the power of a PlayStation 4 Pro. See this: a next-generation console in my hands,” were Huang’s words.

Then, the Predator Triton 500 appeared in the presentation. It is a laptop that, according to Huang, will be 1.6 times more powerful than a PlayStation 4 Pro and faster than a desktop computer with a GTX 1070. He also said that it will be equipped with an RTX 1060, so you can run Battlefield V at 60 fps with ray tracing activated. It will also allow interactive rendering in 3D. The price of this equipment also remains a mystery.

It is worth mentioning that these RTX laptops are just some examples of laptops that several brands have prepared with Nvidia. We say this because there will be more than 40 models of RTX laptops that will have technology based on their RTX cards. Something interesting is that 17 of them will have Max-Q designs, so they are expected to stand out for being thin, fast and silent laptops. Keep in mind that the first equipment of this type will reach stores on January 29.

We take advantage of that we talk about Nvidia to tell you that in CES 2019 it announced the RTX 2060. It is a graphics card that will make the Turing microarchitecture more accessible than ever. On the other hand, there was also released a new trailer of Anthem, a game that will be compatible with the technology of the RTX family.