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NPD Analyst: “Traditional Console Cycles Are Over”

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In past decades, it was common that the life cycles of the consoles did not last more than 5 years, even in the fourth year it was already beginning to speak or even revealed to the successor. However, today things are different and as the generation of PS3 and Xbox 360 console came out of the standards in that regard, it seems that PS4 and Xbox One will also give something to talk about and that led Mat Piscatella to say that the traditional cycles have come to an end.

Mat Piscatella, the renowned analyst at NPD Group, who brings us month after month the list of the best-selling games and consoles in the United States, responded to the questioning of a follower in social networks, who asked his opinion on the resistance of the current consoles in the market after a few years.

In this sense, the analyst, who had already indicated in a publication that sales of PS4 do not show signs of stopping and even continue to increase, considered that there are different reasons why the standards have been broken, causing that the cycles of consoles have finished. In this regard, Piscatella indicated the presence of improved hardware, such as PS4 Pro and the rise of Fortnite and games as a service as the main reasons why the cycles will no longer be the same.

Also, the NPD Group analyst highlighted the increase in sales of Xbox One after 5 years in the market, something that was unthinkable in previous generations, because by the fifth year sales should already go down before the imminent release of a successor console.

What do you think about Mat Piscalla’s statements? How long will this generation of consoles last?