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NPD: PlayStation 4 Was The Best-Selling Console of 2017 In The US

The uncertainty of those who like the information related to the sales performance of the industry is coming to an end because the official data for 2017 is already appearing. On this occasion, NPD Group revealed the performance of hardware sales in the United States for last year and determined that PlayStation 4 was the most sold console in that country in 2017.

Mat Piscatella, the analyst at NPD Group, revealed the general balance of the video game industry in the US in 2017, where it was reported that Switch was the most sold console in that country during December, but, regarding the annual performance, PS4 took the first place and it was the best-selling console in the country the year that just ended.

Initially, we have excellent news for the video game industry in the North American market as it generated revenues of $36 billion, 18% more than last year. For Piscatella, these numbers reflect the success that the industry has had, as a whole, to satisfy and delight millions of players who decided to invest their money in consoles, video games, microtransactions, subscriptions, etc.

Now, the NPD analyst reported that, in terms of hardware, the expense recorded in the US was $4711 million, 28% more than last year and in that context, PS4 was placed as the console that sold more units in the US in 2017.

At the same time, the Sony console joined Xbox One to break the record of installed base of users because, after taking into account the performance in sales after 50 months in the market, PS4 and Xbox One exceeded what was achieved by PS3 and Xbox 360 by 18% and what was achieved by PS2 and Xbox by 4%.

In this way, PS4 reaffirms its title as the most sold console in this generation and continues to dominate a market as important as the US.


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