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NPD Analyst Boosts Xbox One X Sales Projections in The US, Possibly for Star Wars: Battlefront II As Well

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After the successful launch of Xbox One X in the UK, the NPD – one of the most trusted sources of statistics for the video game market in the United States – has confessed to wanting to correct the release of the new Microsoft console sales forecast in the United States.

“Solid Xbox One X numbers out of UK,” states the tweet posted by Mat Piscatella of NPD. “Seems like MS is shipping more than I’d originally predicted, will have to push my One X forecast for the US higher.”

Piscatella later expressed on Star Wars: Battlefront II, and in particular on the controversial issue of loot crate, arguing that – based on his experience – the most aggressive strategies would come from developers, while publishers would be less insistent on this mechanism.

“Some of the most aggressive mtx ideas I’ve ever heard have come from devs, while some of the most adamant pushback on mtx I’ve seen has come from people at pubs. This idea of the big bad publisher and victim dev is, in my experience, a myth,” Piscatella said in his Twitter profile.

However, this controversy on the DICE shooter, Piscatella says, make it more interesting, forcing NPD to increase sales forecasts. “My main takeaway from all this noise? Interest in BFII is very high and I should probably increase my sales expectation for the title,” Piscatella concluded.

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