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North Korea Announces Moranbong, Copy of Wii & PlayStation Move Console

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North Korea seems to have developed its own version of the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Move console. It is called Moranbong, and the console has – which apparently and with the naked eye can be seen – some controls based on the movement and that respond to the control of who plays it. It also seems to include a sensor that has a camera built-in, to record the movement.

Apparently, the page Arirang-Meari described it on its website, offering some details and also showing some images as an example to teach a little what this new North Korean console would consist of.

It seems that, due to the images shown of various games for the console, it would have several genres included, such as a ping pong title, a running one and a musical one, sometimes using a carpet to interact with the game. As you can see, they are components and games that remind us of other systems, such as Nintendo Wii or PlayStation Move.


The website has not offered many more details about the manufacturer, so it may have been manufactured in North Korea, although it may be – more than likely – the fact that it was acquired from an electronics patent in China and there been named as Moranbong brand.

Do you have any opinion about this? It is obvious that it reminds us of many things right now, but it is possible that they develop games that remind us even more of others; or not, who knows? What do you think of it? Tell us in the comments below.