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Norman Reedus: Hideo Kojima is a genius and a visionary

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Norman Reedus is best known for his role in The Walking Dead, the hit television series, but will also play an important role in the video game industry for his role in the upcoming title of Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding, the first since the legendary developer left Konami.

Well, in an interview with CNET, the actor talked about his relationship with Kojima and his participation in the ambitious project of this, which will hit the PlayStation 4 later. About the developer, Reedus said that the Japanese creative was “a genius and a visionary” and recalled the occasion in which he presented the progress of the project of Death Stranding.

“He’s a genius. He came out to San Diego for Comic-Con, and he had some stuff on an iPad that he wanted to show me. I sat in a little restaurant at a booth watching this iPad and the things he’d created, and I was just blown away. I was like, ‘Whatever you want to do, let’s do it. I don’t even know what you’re talking about.’ It’s unreal,” Reedus said in his interview.

The actor also concluded that the creative freedom that Kojima has is very great, and that “people will do whatever he wants because he’s a visionary.”

The friendship between these two personalities has been forged since their approach to the failed project of Silent Hills. It is possible to mention that in Death Stranding other famous ones that are participating are Guillermo del Toro and Mads Mikkelsen.

So far there is not a release window for this title, but it is speculated that it could be ready sometime in 2018.