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Nintendo: No Plans To Bring Virtual Console on Switch

Recently, Nintendo announced plans for the Switch Online paid service, confirming the arrival of the classic NES with support for online multiplayer. But when will we see the Virtual Console exactly?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is “probably never”, at least according to what was revealed by a Nintendo spokesman on the pages of Kotaku:

“There are currently no plans to bring classic games together under the Virtual Console banner as has been done on other Nintendo systems. There are a variety of ways in which classic games from Nintendo and other publishers are made available on Nintendo Switch, such as through Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online, Nintendo eShop or as packaged collections.”

“Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online will provide a fun new way to experience classic NES games that will be different from the Virtual Console service, thanks to enhancements such as added online play, voice chat via the Nintendo Switch Online app and the various play modes of Nintendo Switch,” the statements further read.

The rumors about a possible arrival of the Virtual Console on the Nintendo Switch, therefore, seem to have been denied all at once, it is not to be excluded, however, that the plans of Nintendo expect to include a similar service in the subscription of Nintendo Switch Online, enriching the library of games offered over time, perhaps even with more recent titles of the console.

Nintendo Switch Online will be available from September with prices starting from $3.99 dollars per month, the subscription will allow you to replay with a selection of classic titles for NES with support for online multiplayer, at the launch 20 games will be available including Soccer, Super Mario Bros 3, The Legend of Zelda, Ice Climber and Dr. Mario.

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