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No plans to bring Burnout Paradise to PS4, according to Criterion

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The Burnout series is very much loved by its fans, but unfortunately, the title has long been forgotten. And the bad news does not end there, as recently Criterion reported that there are no plans to bring Burnout Paradise to PlayStation 4.

Through Twitter, a user asked Criterion about the possibility of seeing Burnout Paradise on PlayStation 4, however, he received a discouraging response. “No plans for anything along those lines at the moment,” the studio said on their official Twitter account.

The racing game for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 is still among the most popular of the series along with its entire genre, but that apparently will not be enough to see materialize a port for the current gen of Sony console.

Undoubtedly something that fans of PlayStation 4 will regret, as the main series has been frozen since 2008, and there are no plans to see new Burnout titles, or a collection in HD, at least for now.

Fortunately for Xbox One users, Burnout Paradise of Xbox 360 is available for the current console thanks to backward compatibility. For over 1 year, Criterion worked to get the game running smoothly on Xbox One, and it was in November 2016 that the title joined this program.

At the moment, Criterion is helping DICE in the development of Star Wars: Battlefront II, a title that will debut later this year and from which we already saw its first advance through a leak.