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No Mario’s Sky taken down by Nintendo due to Copyright Claim, team responds again with DMCA’s Sky

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The lawyers of the Japanese company Nintendo did not take long to request the removal of not Mario’s Sky, a game created by fans that combined ideas from No Man’s Sky and Super Mario Bros.

No Mario's Sky

It was not long until the lawyers of Nintendo managed to tighten the siege of No Mario’s Sky, the indie title that joins the idea of No Man’s Sky and Mario game.

This independent title was created in just 72 hours by a small team of 4 developers. With the style of space exploration game, this title leaves you in a World 1-1 chosen at random and then lets you take a spaceship and find other worlds.

The developers of ASMB Games published: “No Mario’s Sky is no more-io! Due to a copyright claim by Nintendo we’ve had to take the game down.” But nevertheless, they immediately announced DMCA’s Sky, which is exactly the same game but without Mario’s name in the title and with some minor modifications.

It is not the first time that the house of Kyoto rails against amateur projects, during the summer it also touched Pokemon Uranium and Project am2R by closing its doors after explicit request from Nintendo.

If you want to download DMCA’s Sky, then get it by visiting this link. No Mario’s Sky protagonist is an astronaut named Finn who must find the Princess Mango.

Check out the gameplay trailer of No Mario’s Sky below: