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No Man’s Sky servers will reset before its debut

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Players who already have No Man’s Sky in their hands will have to say goodbye to the planets that have been discovered. This is because the game servers will be reset before its official release.

No Man's Sky

This information was confirmed by Harry Denholm, game programmer who tweeted that all progress on the servers will be removed today on Sunday. Denholm said this in response to an article by Kotaku, media that obtained a copy before the launch and invited players to explore their planet when the game debuts.

In a later tweet, Denholm explained that this will only be valid for the discoveries of planets stored on servers; that is, the progress that players have on your console will be retained. At the moment it is unknown whether these players can re-enter the servers before the official release.

If that is not possible, those with No Man’s Sky will enjoy it even without connection to the servers. As you know, the project of No Man’s Sky can be enjoyed as an offline experience, although you’ll need to enter the server if you want to register their discoveries.

No Man’s Sky will hit PlayStation 4 on August 9 and PC on August 12.

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