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No Man’s Sky registers a new Negative Record on Steam

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Still problems for the PC version of No Man’s Sky arises: the title is now one of the games with the highest number of negative reviews on Steam, a total of 71,000 plus reviews, only less than 32% of the opinions are in favorable for the title, so that the overall judgment of consumers is for the most negative part.


Even the situation was more dramatic last month: in the last thirty days, 5,000 new reviews of No Man’s Sky have been published but only 12% of these said that they would recommend the game, for the rest of the welcome from the users was extremely negative.

Many also criticized the behavior of Sean Murray, who has literally disappeared from social networks, even if today we have found out that the founder of Hello Games is fine and working on new content for the game.

Sean Muraay, once so active on Twitter, has become very silent for weeks in the press, so much so that someone even bothered to know if he will step into the game, as shown by the below tweet.

Paul Weir, director of the audio sector of No Man’s Sky has confirmed that Murray is well, and he is focusing on the job by supplying the next patch for the game.

What do you think of this situation? Do you think that the game can recover from the abyss in which it is done, or that it will be remembered as one of the greatest failures of video gaming?

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