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No Man’s Sky players have already made over 160000 Discoveries

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No Man’s Sky has not been put on sale yet officially (arrives tomorrow to stores) in Europe, but players who have already managed to find a copy have made 160,000 discoveries throughout the galaxy.

No Man's Sky

Although it is not out yet, No Man’s Sky has already started scoring significant numbers. The lucky users who are in possession are scrambling and have uploaded over 160,000 discoveries on the server in one day.

“We’ve just been glued to the screen all day, watching names come in. Game isn’t out… but we had like 160k discoveries uploaded today… so…,” wrote Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games in a No Man’s Sky Reddit AMA.

Seizing the opportunity, Murray has said that the development team is thinking of creating a Twitter account with a bot that would share the names of the discoveries that are made, although not all members of the studio think it is a good idea.

“PS4 and PC players are using two different servers. We are running a control experiment to see who names things the most juvenile things,” says Murray in another comment.

In the space adventure of Hello Games, recall that the players can choose a name for each discovery made, whether it would be a planet or a strange creature that populates it. The server of PC and Playstation 4 are separated, and the developers are having to compare the choices made by the two utilities. Whereas the title has yet to debut on the market (August 10 on PS4 and PC on August 12), we can expect a significant increase in activity in the coming hours.