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No Man’s Sky download set for PC and Playstation

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No Man’s Sky is going to make its way too soon for PlayStation and PC. This game is finally announced and a trailer reveals it short gameplay. The game is going to be published by British studio Hello Games. It is a great game for those who love sci-fi type gameplay. The game brings a huge universe to explore, a lot of campaign and upgrades. There are varieties of ship that simply players can choose and get an edge over others. A final date for the game is not yet finalized. So here it is not fare to assume any time of the game release. The game trailer shows up a ship and galaxy with ongoing fights. You can build your own things in the game and begin your journey. It is a huge galaxy and at further level you will surely need a lot of upgrades to be in the game. You can collect things in the game and increase your level. The game has a variety of things to upgrade. Like you can upgrade your ship, spacesuit, weapons, etc. No Man’s Sky has different gameplay mode that you can choose from. Like you can simply be an explorer and checkout various planets, creatures, etc. You can enter into trading mode to learn new things. Or you can just enter into fighting mode and face challenges from various enemies.

The trailer below shows that it will be a very impressive game and also exciting at the same time. As you can land on new planets, you can see new creatures, explore new areas, etc. There is no central campaign in the game that will put you on a single track and won’t let you to checkout stuff.  We hope this game releases soon.

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