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No Man’s Sky disk size is 6GB only

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Hello Games has announced that it is already working on the first update of No Man’s Sky, even though the title has not yet been put on sale. The studio is already working on its first update.

No Man's Sky Screenshot

Since a physical release was announced, many wondered how the album would take a game based on procedural content. The answer was given himself by Sean Murray, director of Hello Games this past dawn.

Although they have not been able to gives detail about the developments that will bring this patch or if it will be ready for launch day, yet they have taken the opportunity to confirm that the game disc only occupies 6GB, with audio files as most of the data.

In addition to this size, Murray has already confirmed they are working on the patch release, so it is possible that the title will end up being one of those games where the Day 1 patch occupies more than the game itself. However, Murray did not clarify whether the update will be ready in time to accompany the arrival of the game to market, or it will come after launch.

Murray finally updated the status of the game, telling that the game has already passed the first certification in Europe, America and Asia and is in the process of doing in Japan.

No Man’s Sky will hit Europe on August 10 after many delays (the game is already finished, so there is no danger that it will again undergo a change of date) and give us a whole universe to explore both on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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