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No Man’s Sky Crash at Startup Fix, Sound Cackling Solution, Black Screen Workaround, Steam License Errors Troubleshooting, etc

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It’s a real shame when the version of a game on a platform can ruin the first impression of the players about it. That was the case of Batman: Arkham Knight on PC, and now it is for No Man’s Sky. The epic science fiction game recently launched is having a chaotic PC release, and the public is very upset (and rightly so).

No Man's Sky

The game of Hello Games studios came on August 9 to PlayStation 4, but its leaders said the PC release would be delayed “a few days” to “polish some details.” The debut of No Man’s Sky on PC was made yesterday on 12 August, and although players on this platform did not take the news well at all, they decided to wait.

The problem is that just hours of PC release, many players are reporting that it is impossible to play, or even start the game. Among the reported failures are unbearable lag in level with frames per second ridiculously low (10 to 20 fps), and many errors related to incompatibility with graphics cards, including the most powerful and expensive in the market. That said, plus the crash at startup which makes it impossible to even launch the game.

So, in this guide we will try to cover as much of problems related to game crashing at startup, low fps, etc; and their solutions. Just make sure that your computer meets up with the System Requirements of No Man’s Sky game, stated below:

Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit versions)
Processor: Intel Core i3
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: nVidia GTX 480, AMD Radeon 7870
Storage: 10GB available space

No Man’s Sky Crash at Startup / White Screen Crash Fix:

At the time when the game was launched, many players reported random crash at startup. The game studios have released a 18mb patch that you will need to download and install from the Steam client. If this still doesn’t work then try to uninstall the Redist tools and install the latest one that is provided in the game’s folder or from Microsoft’s official website.

If you are getting white screen crash on startup then you should first try to update your GPUs driver to the latest. Incase, your GPU is not OpenGL 4.5 or above then you will face this crashing issue every now and then. At this time, there is no fix for this problem and the only solution is to upgrade your graphics card.

Another solution related to OpenGL and startup crash is to go to your Steamapps/common/No Man’s Sky/Binaries/SETTINGS/TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS and then right click on TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS and open it in Notepad. After that find and set Fullscreen to False and Borderless Window to True. This seems to solve this problem in the game.

No Man’s Sky Sound Crackling Workaround

To solve this sound crackling issue or weird audio output in the game, you need to go to Windows Sound Options and then in its Properties change the sample rate to something less than 192000hz or lower the audio quality to DVD quality. This will completely stop the crackling noise in the game.

No Man’s Sky Black Screen Fix:

It seems that the game by mistake selects the low power GPU if there are more than one in a pc. So, to solve this issue you should try to set NMS.exe file of the game to High Performance in your respective graphics card management programs. This problem is related to GPU and OpenGL requirements.

No Man’s Sky Steam License Errors Troubleshooting:

When you are trying to run NMS.exe file from the game’s folder and you are getting Steam License Errors, then go to the binaries folder of No Man’s Sky, which is located here – C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\No Man’s Sky\Binaries and create a file named steam_appid.txt and then type the number 275850 inside. This will help you to get sorted with this problem.

No Man’s Sky Low FPS Fix:

Many players reported that when they set the game to 60FPS then they were getting only 45-50FPS at that time. But to get a solid 60FPS, you will need to set the game on 90FPS. This way you wont get full 90FPS, but 60FPS for sure.