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No Man’s Sky 21 minutes of Gameplay Video Revealed

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Our confreres at IGN and Hello Games Managing Director, Sean Murray, presents a new gameplay session of No Man’s Sky, the intriguing spatial game coming in June on PS4 and PC.

No Man's Sky Screenshot

Under development in the independent studio Hello Games, No Man’s Sky stands as a particularly intriguing play. Original in its approach, the title is based primarily on procedural generation of its environment. Also, it will be possible to visit thousands of planets and other systems onboard our spacecraft, but also on foot.

The website IGN has recently received again from Sean Murray, the leader of studio Hello Games, a new video with a view to show us new gameplay areas of No Man’s Sky.

Also, the exploration of the planets randomly generated is always at the center of attention, but also the management of resources and trade with the factions that we will meet. A bit of space gameplay aboarding a ship is also highlighted, making the show.

Recall that No Man’s Sky is scheduled to release on 22 June 2016 Europe on PC and PS4, suggested retail price of 59.99 dollars in digital and box format.