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No Loot Boxes In Need for Speed Heat, EA Confirms

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Electronic Arts revealed day before yesterday Need for Speed Heat, the new installment of the franchise. The company only showed a trailer of a few minutes, so players have a lot of doubts about the game.

One of the most recurring questions is whether the title will feature loot boxes, microtransactions and other similar mechanics. Fortunately, Electronic Arts and Ghost Games already gave us an answer.

Through the game’s Reddit page, the developers confirmed that Need for Speed ​​Heat will release without loot boxes or any other type of “surprise mechanics”.

In addition, the creatives revealed that there are no plans to add similar items after launch. Thus, fans should not worry about the possible implementation of an unfair monetization system shortly after the premiere.

For now, we know that Need for Speed Heat will offer us an adventure throughout Palm City, where we will do our best to be the kings of clandestine races. This implies that the persecutions with the police will be back.

We remind you that we will soon know more about the story and mechanics of this title, as it will be present at gamescom 2019. If you plan to play it, keep in mind that EA Access and Origin users will have early access and that the full title will be part of Origin Access Premier.

Need for Speed Heat will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 8.

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