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No Hidden DLC for Street Fighter 5

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Street Fighter 5 is an upcoming fighting game that is planned to be released in the first quarter of 2016. There was certain news about new hidden DLC for this game. And this will be given to those who are planning to buy the game. But later on it was found that there is not really any kind of DLC for this game. The game made nice headlines for those and it is now depressing not to find the same. We expect that this is not going to put any impact on the game release. But in the future, after Street Fighter 5 gets released, we can expect new DLC that would give us more new content with effective gameplay. The game will appear on PS4 and Windows platform.

Street Fighter 5 Screenshot
Street Fighter 5 Screenshot

Yet the game developer has not said much about the game. This new Hidden DLC was like an Easter egg in the game. But now the news is confirmed that it would not appear at all. We are waiting to get a bit of more information related to the game roster. The game is impressive as we had seen few videos of the same. The game will be having a lot more enhanced graphics and fighting tactics. Street Fighter is a very old and popular game series and has its own fan following. This game is having quite a long time to release. It is not possible to simply assume anything for the new DLC or the game roster.