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No Game No Life Season 2: Premiere Date of the Show!

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Madhouse Studio is one of the best anime series as well as the best performing shows. “No Game No Life” Follows the lives of a fantasy world which revolves around the lives of two gamers Sora and Shio. It is an amazing anime series so let’s know everything about the release date of the second season.


When No Game No Life Season 2 Will Release?

The first season one released on 9th April 2014 that was contained 12 episodes. The show completed on 25th June 2014 and got good and bad reviews both.

Netflix announced the second season of this anime series in early February 2020. According to rumours No game, no life season 2 will release in September 2021.

the most important question is that how many volumes will be there?

No Game no life ten volumes have been released in Japan. There are two manga series which based on the light novels series. First manga series published two books that retail the original story in manga format which retail the original story in manga format.

How many Volumes cover the No Game No life sequel?

The first season aired in 2014 with 1-3 volumes and the movies no game no life zero adapt the whole book 6. Everyone is asking No game, no life still continues or not? Yuu Kamiya published on 25th January 2018 in Japan.

The good news is that tv series and movie both got good profit.  If the movie goes poor in the office, then it can affect the continuation of the main series.

Six disks of this animated series released in Japan and average make 9000 copies. The series got a BD-Box on 24th February 2016 and sole 1000 copies. Well, there are few series that can manage Blu-ray selling and the sell close to 10,000.

Sales of No Game No Life Light Novel

There are 9 volumes of No game no life that released on 25th August 2016 and sold 160,000 copies. Moreover, volume 10 came in 2018, which sold around 170,000 copies.

there is a selling ratio of every year volume

  • In 2014 sold 594,667
  • In 2015 sold 326,179
  • In 2016 sold 562,187
  • In 2017 sold 225,000
  • In 2018 sold 350,960
  • In 2019 sold 125,000

There are forty-five figmas available for no game no life and mostly are Schwi, Stephanie, Izuna, Shiro and Jibril.  There are figmas/goods numbers comparison for animated series

  • Accel World: 100/250
  • No game no life: 45/500
  • Kenja no Mago: 3/140
  • One Punch man: 85 /800
  • Sword Art Online: 428/4200

At the box office, the movie earned 65 million dollars, and in Japan 40,000 blu ray copies have sold. The movie has cost around 1,500,000 dollars to make and goes in profit of at least 2,500,000.

Streaming Services of No Game No Life

You can watch the English Dubbed Episodes of No Game No life on Amazon and Crunchyroll. Moreover, you can also watch on Netflix in Japanese audio and English subtitles. Besides No Game No Life: Zero is also available on Hulu, HiDive and Amazon Prime.

The series earn tons of profits so still it is popular. So we are hopeful that we will get the second season in 2020. Sooner or later let’s see when we get the series.