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Borderlands 3 Will Not Be Shown At E3 2018

According to a new report released by Shacknews, during a closed-door event, it was confirmed that Borderlands 3 will not make its appearance at E3 2018. The announcement would come from a Gearbox representative.

According to the rumor reported by Shacknews, in the last hours, Gearbox Software would have confirmed the absence of Borderlands 3 at the event of E3 2018 during a meeting behind closed doors with journalists. The software house, however, will make its appearance at the Los Angeles fair to show the other games on site, thus illustrating their plans for the immediate future.

However, we report that Borderlands 3 was recently spotted in the lists of WalMart Canada, along with other unannounced titles such as the new Splinter Cell and Just Cause 4. Among these Rage 2 was also present, which was later confirmed by Bethesda just in the last hours, corroborating the validity of the leak emerged in the catalog of the Canadian retailer.

Regarding the presence of Borderlands 3 at the Los Angeles fair, however, we invite you to await further details in the next few days, since the Shacknews report remains only a rumor not yet confirmed. Finally, remember that the appointment with E3 2018 is set between June 9th and 15th.

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