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No additional dock at Nintendo Switch launch, according to Laura Dale

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The insider Laura Kate Dale has been involved in a question and answer session on Reddit, and on this occasion has responded to the various questions of members of the community. Interesting in particular is a question on the possibility of buying individually additional dock of Switch.

In a recent AMA session on Reddit, insider Laura Kate Dale revealed an interesting background on Nintendo Switch, in particular concerning the dock that will host the console in the “home console” mode.

Laura Dale has announced that according to her sources, Nintendo will definitely market the dock separately, however these will not be available at launch but at a later time: “At launch, no additional docks. Some time after launch there will be extra docks. Docks are designed to be relatively cheap and affordable so having 2-3 in a house shouldn’t break the bank. This is based off sources.”

As already disclosed in the past, the idea of Nintendo seems to be to make Switch fully functional on any TV in your home, without too many complications, as well as to guarantee the possibility of playing it in every room in which there is a screen.

In any case, at the moment the house of Kyoto has not announced anything about the availability of accessories for Switch, so we will certainly know more on January 13, date of presentation of the new console.