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Nioh: Sony speaks of Console Exclusive, will the game also come on PC?

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Nioh will also be released on PC? And ‘this is the question that many players are asking themselves at this time, after seeing the new commercials for PlayStation 4 in which the title is called “Console Exclusive” and not “PlayStation 4 Exclusive” as in cases of Gran Turismo Sport and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

In the screenshot that is in question actually, Nioh appears with the label “Console Exclusive” as well as in a recent promotional email sent by Sony to all registered PlayStation Network. This therefore suggests the possibility of seeing the game on PC in the future, total exclusive are in fact identified as “PlayStation 4 Exclusive”.

We must, however, point out how the video released by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe is not particularly clear and updated, in fact, appeared in the video there are also Dreams and Detroit: Become Human among the titles coming out in 2017, Shuhei Yoshida, however, has reiterated that the two mentioned games are still lacking a launch window and the publication in the year just started is not confirmed.

Sony Interactive Entertainment will publish Nioh in Europe and North America in February, while in Asia the game will be distributed by Koei-Tecmo, where the PlayStation 4 is the only version officially announced.