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Nioh Sequel is possible, according to the game director

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If you wanted more action in the feudal Japan title of Nioh, we have some good news for you. In a recent interview by Famitsu, Fumihiko Yasuda, director of the game, talked about the possibilities of seeing a sequel to this action title. On this issue, the director commented that Nioh was a great success not only in Japan, but also abroad. This is known to Hisashi Koinuma, producer of the game and president of Koei Tecmo, so Yasuda said there is a great possibility of seeing a sequel to Nioh.

During this meeting, he was questioned about the creative ability to see female characters in Nioh. Faced with this question, Yasuda mentioned that he is aware of how important it is to include them; however, they are not sure if skins will come in the future to make this possible. Famitsu asked if it would be possible to see Honoka and Ayane from Dead or Alive in the game, to which Yasuda replied that it will not happen.

Later, the director of Nioh talked about The Dragon of Tohoku, the next DLC that will arrive for the title. This content will tell us what happened to William after the end of the game. The warrior will embark on a new adventure to investigate strange events occurring in the Tokugawa domain in the Tohoku region. In that place you will face new enemies, including the fearsome Yokai.

It would not be weird to see a sequel to Nioh, as this title has been the most successful launch for Koei Tecmo in the West. An example of this is that the game distributed over 1 million copies during its first 2 weeks on the market. At some point this month, there will be free content for the game.

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