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NioH: Complete Edition PC Update 1.21.01 Download Available Now, Fixes Save Data Issues & More

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Nioh: Complete Edition debuted a couple of days ago on PC. During its release, some players detected some drawbacks in the game. To offer the best possible gaming experience, Koei Tecmo released a patch to fix the errors, which is already available for download via Steam.

You must take into account that to download it you will need 434MB free space on your hard drive. The update does not imply big changes; however, it does end with fixing several problems. So, now you will have no problem saving your preferred configuration to play from the launcher settings.

According to the reports, some players could not save their preferences. This was annoying since the configuration options are not shown inside the title, but only from its launcher. This also applies to the game’s save data, which will now be saved correctly at all times. This problem was caused by the use of certain characters in the names of the users.

And if that was not enough, the update also corrects an error related to the Glory Contributed rankings in the battles between clans. It is important that you know that the classifications will be restored; however, do not worry, because your amount of original Glory will return the next time you acquire more.

Nioh: Complete Edition lets you enjoy all the action of feudal Japan in 2 configuration modes. You can run the game either at 60 frames per second or at a resolution of 4K. The game is now available for a price of $49.99 USD.

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Before the arrival of this title on PC, Koei Tecmo said it will take more of its titles to release on Steam. What do you think about this edition of the game so far? Did you have any of the aforementioned problems? Let us know in the comments below.