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Nioh PC Version Gets Bad Reviews on Steam for Porting Quality

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Nioh Complete Edition is available today on PC, the first reviews posted on Steam speak of a playable game in every respect, but criticizing the quality of porting, apparently not properly optimized.

At the time of this writing, out of 430 total reviews, at the moment 180 are negative, with particular reference to the porting work: “So far badly, Badly optimized. Staggering constantly, no options for keyboard and mouse use. Won’t stay open in Fullscreen Mode at all,” reads a review.

Even if 60 percent of the reviews are positive, however, the overall rating on Steam for this game is “Mixed”, a global judgment totally ruined by the negative reviews appearing in these last few hours.

You can check most of the game’s Steam User Reviews below:

~ 4 to 5 fps in the menu screen and a constant buttery smooth 1 fps in actual gameplay, cant recommend this game enough. ~

~ Cannot recommend as is, this needs optimising badly and also does not support resolutions above 1080p – so this means it will leave really big black bars on ultra widescreen monitors like mine and there is no manual resolution selection. ~

~ I cannot recommend this game at the current moment. It studders constantly even when I am simply in the loading screen. It studders and I have done what people say to launch and exit the game and then load it through the launcher. ~

~ This game needs to be patched. While the game runs, it looks beautiful at 1440p but I get the most random crashes. I’d say BUYER BEWARE but it’s a Koei Tecmo port. ~