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Nioh has reached Gold stage

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According to an official announcement of Koei Tecmo, the samurai game Nioh already has reached the Gold stage, which means that the production of this title is complete and now the company prepares to reproduce it in series and then start with the distribution throughout the world.

Nioh has reached the Gold stage, ie the production of the game is finally finished and can begin the process of the duplication of discs, as you can read via a tweet below.

As you probably know, the game of Team Ninja did not have an easy life, with the development, according to Wikipedia, starting in 2004 as a multimedia project inspired by an unfinished argument by Akira Kurosawa, that is, almost 13 years ago.

The Japanese development is still scheduled for a livestream furthermore, from the series with which it has promoted the game in recent months, and this will be held on January 20. It is expected that by that time the director Yosuke Hayashi will come back to present the main characteristics of the game and the pair of comedians Saki Suzuki and Toshiyuki Itakura will reveal a new scenario.

This transmission, which shares some fragments of the game, will be available on the various media, including YouTube.

Nioh is scheduled to hit PlayStation 4 on 7 February in America, in Europe on February 8 and 9 of the same month in Japan.