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Nioh Day-One Patch 1.01 is only 88MB

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Some users in possession of a copy of Nioh before launch would have revealed the total size of the day-one patch, that all players will be able to download starting tomorrow from February 8. According to these early reports, the update 1.01 weighs just only 88MB, and you would be proposed one of the smallest downloadable fix to the launch of new titles for current-gen consoles.

According to the reports from many players who have already downloaded the game, the day-one patch of the title of Nioh is really small.

Tomorrow Nioh will be released in Europe on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro. Like most of the games to day-one, the title will be updated in this case in a much smaller than usual patch.

The update will bring the game to version 1.01 which will be of only 88MB in size, very few considering the size of the game that is over 36GB. In any case, according to reports on PlayStation 4 at the time of the update, the patch should only fix some bugs.

For sure we are faced with a title atleast optimized properly, hopefully. We just have to wait and see if a patch from such small size also means a technically trouble-free title. At the moment we have no confirmation from developer and publisher, nor a changelog with all the actual changes for this new update.

Pending this, below is a brief trailer of the game, in its Japanese version. We remind you that Nioh will release on February 8 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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