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Nioh: Complete Edition PC Version Does Not Support Mouse

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Nioh: Complete Edition will be released in a few days on PC, and according to some reports by some streamers who have tried the game in advance, the title will not have any support for the mouse.

There are still no official communications from Koei Tecmo, but according to some YouTubers who have tried to play the game in these hours, Nioh: Complete Edition does not support mouse on PC.

Apparently, it supports the keyboard, but not the mouse, in any form, so the choice is between controller or keyboard only. obviously, this is a very annoying situation for PC users, who are often fond of the classic mouse + keyboard configuration, so the choice of Koei Tecmo seems to be bizarre.

A lack of mouse support that could discourage some players on the PC, since third-person titles are usually played with the help of the pointing device.

It is very likely that the publisher decides to release an update to introduce mouse support at this point, but we are still expecting official communications. For the rest, the decisions taken between the lack of Denuvo DRM and unlocked graphics options in the game looks to be positive.

Nioh: Complete Edition will be released on November 7 on Steam, while Nioh is already available on PlayStation 4.