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Nintendo’s first smartphone app Miitomo will launch in US & Europe on March 31

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While its social game Miitomo is available since March 17 on the App Store in Japan, Nintendo has confirmed on its official Twitter account the day it will also in US and elsewhere in the world, which will be by March 31 or Thursday. The Japanese firm adds that Miitomo will also make its debut on Android. Last week, we learned that Miitomo had already attracted more than 1 million users in just 3 days.


Although this is not a game as one could hear, it seems that users have found a fun way in it to communicate with other players. Indeed, it is a social platform where users can chat with others through their Mii which themselves can be customized from a shop. They may in particular give them a different style with many accessories like clothes. You can even make virtual gifts but at a rate!

By registering now at this address, you can choose your nickname and then receive My Nintendo points which will be automatically credited to your My Nintendo account after the release of Miitomo. Nintendo states that the points will be valid for six months from the date granted.

Users who create a Nintendo account before the end of April, according to the company said in a statement, can also download a 3D application Flipnote Studio for free on the Nintendo 3DS.

Miitomo permits to incorporate Facebook friends or linking Twitter contacts with both accounts and to interact with them and take pictures where the ‘ dummy ‘ is the character

It now remains to be seen if Miitomo will meet with the same success in US and Europe compared to Japan. Note that the application is pretty intensive because it requires more than 500MB free space for installation.

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