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Rumor: Nintendo’s E3 2018 Plans Leaked

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Rumors continue on the new games of Nintendo Switch: after the possible leaks of Star Fox Open World, F-Zero and Donkey Kong Country Wooden Fury, now a list of possible announcements for the Nintendo E3 2018 conference, scheduled for Tuesday, June 12 has been leaked.

The list has appeared on various channels such as 4Chan, ResetERA and on the board of GameFAQs, the reliability is unfortunately very low, so we invite you to take what is reported with due precautions.

The first part of the conference should be dedicated to online services, the video presentation will last approximately 36 minutes and will be focused only on Switch games while the 3DS titles will be shown during the Nintendo Treehouse broadcast at the end of the showcase.

Among the expected announcements we find apparently Fire Emblem Lustrous Daybreak, Yoshi Flipped Around, a new episode of Paper Mario (not developed by Intelligent Systems), Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Battle Royale and Super Sonic Racing, in addition to Pokemon Switch, reinterpretation of Pokemon Blue and Red, with graphics “Pokemon Sun and Moon and Pokken Tournament.”

There is also talk about the trailer of Metroid Prime 4 (out in 2019), Super Smash Bros Switch and Spyro Trilogy, also Luigi should be announced as a playable character in Super Mario Odyssey. There is also talk of the return of Ice Climber, although the game should be shown during the Treehouse during the E3 Nintendo showcase.

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