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Nintendo Wins UK High Court Case to Block Pirated Switch Games

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A court in the United Kingdom has decided to approve the request made by Nintendo which aims to block the main internet sites that illegally distribute games for Nintendo Switch, thus demonstrating, once again, the willingness of the Japanese company to combat piracy on the hybrid console.

The English high court then ruled in favor of the Kyoto house, which claimed that these pirate sites had broken the registered trademark of Nintendo and that there was no legal defense for changing the hardware of Switch. Software leaks, rather than manual changes, are often used on Switch (and not only) to play illegally downloaded titles, without paying a penny to developers and publishers.

The court has issued an order to the five major internet providers in the United Kingdom – Sky, BT, EE, TalkTalk and Virgin Media – to block or try to block access to four Nintendo sites.

Nintendo is a video game company that has always had a great deal to do with piracy, and that has always tried to block as many illegal services as possible that allow the use of their games on modified consoles (or emulators) obtained in non-legal ways.

We will see, then, if it tries to carry out the same action in other regions. Certainly, piracy is still very active in video games, and although it seems to have fallen into the latest generation of consoles, there is still a lot of work to be done to make the sector purely clean.