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Nintendo Will Remove Credit Card Options from Wii U & 3DS eShop from September

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Nintendo has announced some changes in the payment system of the eShop of 3DS and Wii U. Through its social networks and its official website, it has clarified how it will be affected.

Apparently, as of September 2019, credit card funds cannot be added to any Nintendo 3DS or Wii U family console. On the official website, the company has indicated the following steps when adding funds to this eShop:

1. Ensure that the Nintendo Network ID (NNID) on your system is linked to a Nintendo Account.
– See here for more information on how to create a Nintendo Account.
– See here for instructions on how to link a Nintendo Network ID to a Nintendo Account.

2. Visit, select the payment method you would like to use and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process.

3. Once you have added funds to your NNID this way, you can use them both on the Nintendo website and directly within Nintendo eShop on your system.

So, soon it will be necessary to visit the specific URL (mentioned above) to add the funds to the NNID, and from there you can use them in the eShops of these consoles.

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