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Nintendo will not speak about the games or technical specifications of Switch until 2017

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As reported by Takashi Mochizuki, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo will not disclose new information about Nintendo Switch, the new hybrid device formerly known as Nintendo NX that was presented yesterday, releasing until next year.


It has been already a few hours from the official presentation of the next home console and the Big N portable, Nintendo Switch, and little by little more details about the machine came into existence. This time it was Takashi Mochizuki Of The Wall Street Journal, who confirmed after speaking with Nintendo that the company will not disclose neither technical specifications nor the games of Switch until 2017.

Being more specific, Michizuki ensures that we will not know anything about their games, technical specifications and whether it will have regional blokcing or not until it reaches 2017, so the wait for new information can end up stretching out longer than originally planned.

Nintendo Switch was presented yesterday with a short three-minute trailer which confirmed to be a hybrid console between portable and desktop.

Its launch will take place in March next year and it has been confirmed to be compatible with the amiibo figures. In addition, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has praised Nintendo after its presentation.

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