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Nintendo will no longer repair original 3DS systems

The announcement comes directly from Nintendo through the official page of the media: the Japanese company will no longer offer support for the original model of the Nintendo 3DS, concentrating all its efforts on the most recent editions of the console.

In short, if you are holding a Nintendo 3DS old model, then you can no longer contact a service officer in case of failure, but you can always rely on specialized shops for its repairs. “Nintendo no longer offers factory repairs for the original Nintendo 3DS system,” can be read from the official website of Nintendo.

The house of Kyoto will continue to offer its support service to the latest models of portable consoles like the Nintendo 3DS XL, the New Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS, not forgetting the New Nintendo 2DS XL set for release this year on July 28.

In another news, Nintendo has published through its Twitter account  an infographic that shows us what the company has planned for 3DS in terms of software line-up for the coming months.

In the infographics, presented below in the tweet, you can see the  imminent arrival of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia for May of this year, plus a long list of games for this summer like Ever Oasis and Hey! Pikmin, until the arrival of Fire Emblem Warriors scheduled for fall this year.

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