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Nintendo will no longer accept Wii U orders from 30 September

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Nintendo could plan the closure of Wii U orders from retailers with a termination date scheduled for October 1 according to a report in the British media GameSeek. This would mean that, in principle, after the Christmas season there would be no more console units available in stores.


According to the online retailer Gameseek, Nintendo will no longer accept orders for the Wii U for retailers after September 30, in preparation for what will be the launch of NX in March 2017.

The latest official data show that Nintendo has sold 13.02 million Wii U consoles since its release and company forecasts for the current fiscal year remain at about 800,000 units, which was ratified in recent reports of the company. If this is true, it will become the home console under the company’s with less sales, below the 21.74 million GameCube.

Keep in mind also that Nintendo plans to launch its next console, NX, in March 2017 and continue the marketing of Nintendo 3DS and launch new products for the portable. Although it is rumored that NX is a hybrid of domestic and portable console, it is clear that Nintendo will stop supporting Wii U while still betting on the veteran Nintendo 3DS and give the initial impetus to the upcoming NX.

On the other hand, we must not forget that Nintendo has made no official announcement about NX, although it is expected that the console will be unveiled this fall.