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Nintendo will continue to use the Free-To-Start model for mobile games

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The president of Nintendo, Tatsumi Kimishima, spoke recently on the Nikkei Asia of the business model chosen for the  mobile game of the company, confirming the desire to invest in the business model of Free-To-Start, as in the case of Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run (now available also on Android) can be downloaded for free and tested with some limitations, to unlock all levels you must instead pay $9.99/€, a strategy in which the President Kimishima strongly believes, despite the commercial results that have been below expectations.

Fire Emblem Heroes counter was launched as a Freemium game and has been a major success, however, Nintendo has no plans to fully embrace this business model to avoid distorting its franchise.

The goal of Nintendo mobile game, states Kimishima, that it is not only to generate revenue, but also to introduce the characters and brand to a wider fanbase that usually does not play video games.

Despite that Nintendo has no plans to completely run the freemium model and considers Fire Emblem Heroes isolated, they would still prefer the model of Super Mario Run, at least that is what was stated by one of the company officials.

With mobile games Nintendo’s goal is not just to make money but to spread its brand and characters to a wider audience, creating a synergy with its game console, Nintendo Switch type.