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Nintendo wants to create new Intellectual Properties like 1-2-Switch on Switch

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Nintendo wants to develop new intellectual properties taking advantage of the possibilities of the Joy-Con, the controls of Nintendo Switch, explained Shinya Takahashi, the general director of of Nintendo EPD (Entertainment Planning & Development), the game development division of the Japanese company Which resulted from the merger of the classical divisions of EAD (Entertainment Analysis & Development) and SPD (Software Planning & Development) in 2015.

Shinya Takahashi, one of the company’s top executives, has explained to Japanese media that the intention of Nintendo is to create new intellectual properties by taking advantage of the new console.

According to Takahashi, the goal is to take advantage of the Joy-Con. The controls of the Nintendo Switch console integrate technologies such as HD vibration, infrared sensor, motion detection and can be used separately from the console individually or together.

However, Takahashi has not given more details about it: when asked in the interview if there will be games that break the schemes of video games as it did successfully with Brain Training, the general director of EPD in Nintendo refused to give specific details but does ensure that they are Working on unconventional titles. In fact, in that line emphasizes the importance of small and independent games, like Snipperclips – to cut in company!, one of the launch games on the console.

It is possible that some of these new intellectual properties will debut in June, at E3 2017, as stated by Reggie Fils-Aime, president of the American division of Nintendo, who had promised that it will be a great event for the company.

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