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Nintendo Renews Trademarks of Star Fox, F-Zero, Pikmin, Yoshi’s Island and More Titles

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Between rumor and official news every day, the event of E3 2018 seems increasingly appetizing. In recent hours, Nintendo has renewed the trademark rights for fifteen brands in its possession, including titles such as Star Fox, Pikmin, F-Zero, Yoshi’s Island and Nintendogs, to name a few.

According to reports by ResetEra, recently the Kyoto giant has registered fifteen new trademarks. Among these stand out names of Star Fox, F-Zero, Pikmin and Sin & Punishment, all great series that still lack the appeal on Switch.

There are also several Wii-era titles such as Wii Fit and Wii Sports. Considering the peculiarities of the Joy-Con, similar titles would fit well with Switch. Below, you can check the complete list of registered trademarks:

1. Super Smash Bros.
2. Star Fox
3. F-Zero
4. Pikmin
5. Yoshi’s Island
6. Art Style
7. Flipnote Studio
8. Sin & Punishment
9. The Legendary Starfy
10. Nintendogs
11. Link’s Crossbow Training
12. Wii Fit
13. Wii Music
14. Wii Play
15. Wii Sports

The trademark renewal does not necessarily mean that new games of the series mentioned are under development, but it demonstrates Nintendo’s will not to abandon these franchises, some of which have long since stopped, like F-Zero and Sin & Punishment. The timing linked to the approach of the E3 2018 in Los Angeles is certainly curious but it could be a simple coincidence.

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