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Nintendo Trademarks Sirfetch’d and Farfetch’d in Japan

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As you will remember and all the fans of Pokémon, the last month of September, a new and peculiar Pokémon for Pokémon Sword and Shield was revealed: Sirfetch’d, the evolution of Farfetch’d in Galar region.

Well, Nintendo Co., Ltd., Creatures Inc. and Game Freak Inc. have applied for new trademarks in Japan for ネ ギ ガ ナ イ ト (Negiganaito or Sirfetch’d in English) and カ モ ネ ギ (Kamonegi or Farfetch’d in English). These are the details that have been shared for each of them:

1. Sirfetch’d: It is for video games and also includes several food related items.
2. Farfetch’d: It is purely related to food.

You can check the trademarks below.

Sirfetch’d and Farfetch’d

Sirfetch’d and Farfetch’d 2

Sirfetch’d and Farfetch’d 3