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Nintendo Switch will support up to 128GB Micro SDXC cards, according to a rumor

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The presentation of Nintendo Switch showed the console and its main feature, the hybrid format, but there are still many questions about the console. According to a new rumor, Switch would be compatible with Micro SD, similar to New Nintendo 3DS – in this case, Micro SD up to 2GB and Micro SDHC up to 32GB -.


Let’s Play Video Games says by its own sources that development units will accept Micro SDXC cards up to 128GB capacity. They said that the slot would be hidden under the vertical support which unfolds to place the screen on a flat surface.

It is unclear whether this limit will be reduced in the business model, since the developer kits usually have small differences. According to this method, the programs work directly on the card as they do with the internal memory or the cartridge. This is an important aspect for downloading of games in the digital distribution which is not limited by the internal capacity.

We remind you that these details as well as the price and exact release date will be announced on January 13 in a live broadcast online. At the same time, on the same dates they will invite the media and partners to their offices so people can test the console and give their firsthand opinions to the consumers.

Nintendo Switch was introduced last week with a short three-minute trailer where it was confirmed to be a hybrid console between portable and desktop.