Nintendo Switch will not be underpowered, according to Image & Form Games

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Nintendo has not yet confirmed the technical specifications of Switch, however independent studio of Image & Form Games has posted a message on Twitter in which it states that the console is not underpowered, unlike what many are led to believe.


“Nintendo Switch is in no way limited in terms of power. But we can not go into detail, sorry,” was the message posted by the team in response to the demand for a user. This does not necessarily mean that switch will be as powerful as (or more) Xbox One and PlayStation 4, simply as the studio believes the power of the machine is fully adapted to their needs.

To learn more about Switch we will have to wait until the month of January, when Nintendo will present the latest console to the press. According to Laura Dale, the console will arrive in Europe on March 17, this date, however, has not yet been confirmed by the House of Kyoto.

Previously, the insider also stated that Nintendo Switch will arrive in PAL regions on March 17, 2017, during the same week it is also expected to be launched in other countries, including presumably the US and Japan.

The news should be taken with care, even if Laura Dale has proved particularly reliable with regard to the rumors concerning the new platform of the House of Kyoto. Recall that Nintendo has organized presentation events with the press in January and on this occasion we will discover the price and release date launch line-up of Switch.

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  • Console gaming is already moving far in excess of anything the switch is capable of providing with the new PS4 PRO 4k gaming, HDR, Virtual reality, i mean yea awesome stuff, and then the ultra powerful Xbox Scorpio will release next year n take things to another level beyond the ps4 pro so either way NINTENDO WILL ONCE AGAIN BE LEFT ALL ALONE WITH ZERO 3RD PARTY SUPPORT FROM AAA STUDIOS as they’re not gonna waste their time making games n scaling them back so badly to run on limited, underpowered mobile bullshit……… NINTENDO ONCE AGAIN JUST COULDN’T LISTEN TO THE GAMERS N THEY’LL PAY FOR IT………

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