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Nintendo Switch will not be Backwards Compatible with 3DS or Wii U games

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After the presentation of Nintendo Switch yesterday, the new platform of the company, the Japanese publication Famitsu has conducted an interview where some topics that highlight its video presentation are discussed.


Although many of the answers are vague, and not much more information will be given until early next year in vain, Nintendo ensures that Switch is not the successor to Wii U, since it does not follow the usual strategy for a home console. Tatsumi Kimishima, Nintendo president had already made statements on this line.

It is confirmed that Nintendo Switch will not be backwards compatible with Wii U disks or cards of Nintendo 3DS. Neither confirmed nor denied that it can be compatible with the downloaded version.

On the battery, Nintendo says Switch is designed to allow players to play as long as possible even in places where there is no access to the electricity grid. The battery information will be given soon.

Finally, Famitsu asked if Nintendo Switch will be compatible with mobile games, for its Tegra architecture. In recent months, rumors indicated that this would be possible, but the representative of Nintendo responds again without much detail who can not answer at this time.

Switch will be sold with the console – screen and the Joy-Con – left and right controllers, before launching the availability and price of other accessories such as vertical support that will be announced.

Nintendo Switch was presented yesterday with a short three-minute trailer which confirmed to be a hybrid device between portable and desktop.

Its launch will take place in March next year and it has been confirmed to be compatible with the amiibo figures. In addition, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has praised Nintendo after its presentation.

Note that Nintendo will not talk about the technical specifications of Switch or their games until next year.