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Nintendo Switch will have Touchscreen?

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Although today we learned what it looks like Nintendo Switch, codenamed NX before, for which we still have many questions about this new system, and leave us thinking more, the company would not comment on whether the console will have touchscreen or not.


Earlier this day, IGN chatted with Nintendo on some specifications of the Switch, and when asked if the display will have touch features, the company simply decided to keep any comment on that for another day. “We will make additional announcements about the Nintendo Switch hardware later, before the launch of the product,” they commented.

Undoubtedly, this leaves us with many questions. The company has already confirmed that Nintendo Switch will support amiibo, but the video of revelation shows no port of NFC for use, so it is likely that the screen has a secret function, we will discover it later.

Speaking over the console, Nintendo specifies the differences between the Nintendo Dock Switch, explaining that this accessory will work to charge the console and send the signal to the television. “The Nintendo Switch Dock has been created so that it is extremely easy to seamlessly switch from playing games on a TV to transition into a portable mode,” said Nintendo. “The dock is not the main console unit of Nintendo Switch. The main unit of Nintendo Switch is the unit that has the LCD screen, which the two Joy-Con controllers can be attached to and detached from.”

“The main function of the Nintendo Switch Dock is to provide an output to the TV, as well as charging and providing power to the system,” the company said.