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Nintendo Switch will have a vibration system similar to that of smartphones?

A patent filed by Nintendo of Japan may have revealed the presence of a system of haptic feedback on Switch. The console may therefore present a vibration system similar to that found in smartphones and tablets.

A patent made public recently, shows that Nintendo has worked on a vibration system that can be used on devices such as tablets. Whether there is something in it for Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo has always been very prolific with regard to the drafting of patents, related to particular hardware. Some of these, in the past, were tied to Nintendo Switch, consequently in recent months there has been a lot of attention to all those patents made public. The last in question concerns an interesting vibration system on devices such as tablets and devices of this type. This new feature would serve to give haptic feedback seen on the screen.

The patent in question is not explicitly connected to Switch as it shows that Nintendo has been working on a method to return a haptic feedback on portable devices based on the content on the screen. The accompanying documentation speaks of a system based on two different types of vibration created by taking advantage of the AM and FM waves.

It is unclear whether this project is in some way tied to the new console of the house of Kyoto, so we invite you to take the news with due precautions in anticipation of January 12, when Nintendo will unveil all the details on Switch.

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