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Nintendo Switch will cost $250 USD, Analyst suggests

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One of the most important data that Nintendo failed during the unveiling of Switch was the price of the console. We know that this factor will be crucial in deciding their future. So both players and financial analysts have made predictions about it.


According to Bloomberg, the analyst of the Macquarie Securities firm, David Gibson, believes that Switch could cost about $250 USD, and maybe disappoint the fans in terms of revolutionary features. However, he said that a strong lineup of games will boost sales pitch, and even anticipated that Switch will sell 2.5 million units in its first month, and additional 10.6 million until March 2018.

Moreover, the technology expert, Dan Maher, said in a conversation with the BBC that Nintendo needed to present something that was easy to sell, and that people could understand in an instant. “They are unifying its 2 branches, have had a very strong and moderately successful portable console, so the two together is really bet all or nothing. I think they have virtually assured victory,” he said.

It is worth remembering that Nintendo has yet to clarify many unknowns related to Switch. Besides the price, the company has not confirmed what games will launch or other technical details such as the battery life. However, it promised to share more information next year.

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