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Nintendo Switch will cost $249 in the US and 199 pounds in the UK?

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The division of the Canadian Toys “R” Us has updated in recent hours their lists with the price of Nintendo Switch: as reported in the database of the central office, the console will cost $329.99 Canadian, or $249.99 at current exchange rates.


Today seems to have broken some sort of embargo with regard to the alleged price of Nintendo Switch, which may be available to the official launch. The Canadian chain store “Toys ‘R’ Us” has included in its list the Nintendo Switch indicating a price of $329 Canadian, equivalent to about 249 US dollars.

Similarly, the website Let’s Play Video Games has also revealed the assumed prices of Switch leaked by the database of the British chain store GAME: in the UK, the console will cost 199.99 pounds, it also speaks of a 249.99 pounds including a bundle with larger hard drive space and an unidentified game.

It is not excluded that it may be a simple placeholder price, although the figure given seems to be all too accurate. Mystery still remains on the price of the console in Europe, which could settle between 249 and 299 euro, probably variable based on the bundle offered at launch.

According to some rumors, Switch will be released in Europe on March 17, 2017, details on price, launch date and line-up will be disseminated in a series of press events planned between January and February next year.

Of course, at the moment, the information should be taken as a rumor waiting for an official confirmation from Nintendo.