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Nintendo Switch will come without LAN adapter, apparently

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Once again Nintendo will prioritize the wireless connection.

We are less than 24 hours away from the official presentation of Nintendo Switch, and there are still many details that remain unknown about the hybrid console of the Big N launching in March, when it hits stores. The final list of products of the HORI brand, leaked yesterday and was later confirmed as real, includes not only an interesting Arcade Stick but also a network adapter, a LAN adapter, which has caused much controversy among the community because it would mean that Switch will not have Ethernet port.

Since Nintendo introduced Internet in its home consoles with Wii, they have never introduced standard LAN adapters, neither of internal form nor with adapters, but has sold them separately. This was repeated with Wii U, and now it seems that Nintendo Switch will also suffer the same fate.

In this way, all those who want to play the game on multiplayer online mode by cable or simply perform the downloads and updates of content at more speed, which is the main attraction of the connection by cable – will have to go through a box or adapt to the connectivity of Wi-Fi. The network adapter that HORI will sell will have an official price of 29.99 euros.