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Nintendo Switch will be released on March 10th in Europe?

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According to various rumors emerged in recent days, Nintendo Switch might cost : £299, €399 and €250. Today the Spanish online store Poriyo has added a new price of the device, opening the console reservations to €349.95. Also, the release date indicated is 10 March 2017.

At this time yesterday, GameStop has opened pre-orders of Nintendo Switch across Europe. The target price proposed for the country amounted to 399.98 euro but now an independent Spanish retailer reports a slightly lower price.

The Spanish online shop of Poriyo proposes Nintendo Switch at 349.95 euro, moreover, specifying the supposed date of availability, scheduled for 10 March 2017. GameStop updated in recent hours the price lists of its European sites but did not reveal the console’s launch date, presumably under emargo until January 13, the day when there will be held the presentation event of Switch.

It is not excluded that the Iberian retailer may have revealed in advance the real price and the real launch date of Switch, but in any case at the time we invite you to take the news with proper precautions, waiting for official confirmation or denial from the house of Kyoto.

Will this be another placeholder data or is there something real behind it? Is it the price set by Nintendo or is it a clever way to exploit the buyers of the first hour, those anxious to pre-order the console? Well, at this point only Nintendo can tell us what is the truth.

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